Total Adoptions since 1999:  2,469  

Help us find forever homes for rescued cats



  • Adoptions - all our cats and kittens are listed in Petfinder

  • Fostering - We are a 100% foster based rescue. Discover how rewarding fostering can be.

  • Donate - we are in need of donations for veterinarian costs, care and feeding and other needs. 

  • Volunteer - we need volunteers to help with fundraisers, office, fundraiser, etc. 

"To help bring about a time when no more abused or abandoned cats will be destroyed."

The Cats' Cradle is a 501C3 non-profit solely operated by volunteers In the Morganton, Hickory, NC area.

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 You can view our cats on these sites:  or Purina’s

Visit them in person at:

PetSmart - Hickory* two full weeks every month

PetSmart - Morganton*  every week 

Store hours are 9am – 9pm, Monday - Saturday 

Kitten 12 months or less: $125.00 each

Adult Cat (1-5 years old): $100.00 each

Senior Cat (6+ years old): $55.00 each

*Adoption counselors are available from 10 - 4 on Saturdays. Adoption counselors are available by appointment only during the week. Cats and kittens can be seen during store hours which are 9am – 9pm, Monday through Saturday.


Adoption Application: click here >

You can enter all your info into the form online and save as a file used your name: JohnSmithApplication.pdf 

Then email it to

Or print out, complete and take to The Cats' Cradle at Petsmart Hickory or Morganton



Petsmart has been a constant supporter and partner assisting The Cats' Cradle with showing our big cat family of adoptable cats and kittens. As they support us, we hope you will support them too with all your pet needs.

PetSmart - Hickory* two full weeks every month

1610 8th St Dr SE, Hickory, NC 28602

PetSmart - Morganton* every week

E142 Morganton Heights Blvd, Morganton, NC 28655

Featured Cats & Kittens

Venus, Fergus, and Marcus are 4 months old and fixed and vetted.  They were born to a shy, stray mama kitty who entered someone's basement via their open doggy door. We were called in and I was able to remove the kittens once they were weaned.  Venus, the brown girl tabby, is the most outgoing and adventurous of the trio.  Marcus, white/gray tabby is a sweetheart and very calm. Fergus, also a female, is the other white/gray tabby and is quite shy at first but very sweet once she trusts you.  

Volunteering & Fostering

The Cat's Cradle relies on volunteers and foster homes to continue to save vulnerable cats and find them forever homes

You love cats & kittens and you want to make a difference.
Please join our team, there are many ways to volunteer.  

  • Foster Homes – All of our cats and kittens are in foster homes. The more foster homes we have the more cats and kittens we can help. 

  • Fundraising We need ideas and organizers.

  • Grants  – Research and help write grants , sometimes just forms need to be completed, we can teach you.

  • Adoption Event Assistants – We do adoptions on the weekends at Hickory and  Morganton.  

  • Adoption Center Cleaners – Our Petsmart cages need to be cleaned and cats fed daily,  a great way to get to know all our kitties.

If you are interested, please contact us at 828-461-0178 or email then download and complete appropriate form.

Fostering Our Cats - more information download >

Foster Agreement Form download >

Volunteer Release Form download >

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