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Become an angel parent


Our Special needs cats are often hard to place and are cared for by our fosters. Even those who do find a furever home, often face high vet bills and medication bills in addition to caring for a cat. 


We are looking for Angel Parents to help with medical costs for our 
cats or kittens in physical distress, abused, injured or disabled.


Please consider making a monthly donation to go towards the medical costs associated with our special needs cats. 

Want to adopt a special needs cat?
Call CALL: (828) 461-0178

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1 year old 2020

Nod is a sweet boy, but his back legs are paralyzed, He has to wear a diaper because he scoots around. He would love to have a playmate and furever home.



4 years old 2020

Her owner wanted to put her down because she's a bit wobbly, cerebellar hypoplasia affects balance. She is a very affectionate lap cat, uses the litter box and can eat and drink on her own. Would make a great companion cat.



1 week - 6 weeks old 2020

We are always looking for kitty mommies and daddies to help foster our kittens, they need a lot of love and care. Call to find our how you can help or learn to become a kitten foster home.