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When you become a sponsor, you will be helping special needs cats, and newborns in our care that might never be adopted. Cats and kittens that desperately need someone like you to help ensure that we can continue to care for them.

Some special needs animals are new arrivals requiring urgent Veterinary attention, while others might be older animals needing a major operation, special food, daily fluids, daily medications and still others that have problems socializing with people or other animals or have long term medical issues.

If you are not able to adopt at this time, an alternative to helping these special kitties is to Sponsor. You can do a one time Sponsorship Donation or you can do a Monthly Sponsorship Donation.

Your Sponsorship would help us greatly with the cost of their food and other medical care.

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Meet some of cats for Sponsorship

Rena Rena was found abandoned last year and appeared pregnant. Her foster parents took her in and gave her the care an expectant mother needs but she never had the kittens. It was found that she was having a false pregnancy. She was so stressed, her hair had fallen out and she was very fragile. When the vet spayed her, he noted that her intestines "looked like sausages." She is now doing very well in a foster home but requires a special diet to assist her digestion. It is estimated that Rena is 5 years old.
Midnight Midnight was brought to the Cats Cradle at age 6 because he was having chronic sinus infections and his owner was tired of dealing with the nasal drainage. He has been treated repeatedly with antibiotics and herbal capsules. Surgery is not an option because he basically has no sinus cavity left. He is an extremely sweet cat and is in a foster home where he is loved. His nasal drainage is taken care of as much as possible on a daily basis but due to the drainage, he is at constant risk for a respiratory infection. Midnight is 8 1/2 years.
Raina Raina came from the home of a man named Ray who died. An inside-outside cat in her former home, estimated to be around 12 years old. She came to us in 2012 and she never adapted to being an indoor only cat. She is very happy living in a fenced-in backyard that prevents her from being able to climb out. Raina remains a touch-me-not.
Anneka Beautiful Anneka, along with five other cats, came into Cats' Cradle in November 2016 when the owner was evicted. Because of Anneka's seizures, she had extensive blood work and was put on Phenobarbital twice a day. The first foster could not manage her seizures so Anneka came to another foster in February 2017, where she was observed having several violent seizures per day. Dosage of her seizure medication Phenobarbital, was increased, continuing twice a day. The seizure frequency decreased in violence and frequency but she still has occasional seizures every few days. At her check-up in June, another seizure medication Levetiraceium (Keppra) was added, also twice a day. These two medications together have been effective in controlling her seizures; in fact, she has had no seizures since being on both medications. The Phenobarbital costs $30 per month; the Keppra costs $35 per month, for a total of $65. Anneka says, I'm worth it, and her foster agrees.
Scamper Scamper was brought to the Cats Cradle when he was 3 1/2 years old after his owner had a baby and he began to urinate everywhere. Scamper nearly grieved himself to death and had to be bottle fed by a foster parent. Scamper then developed a pocket of phlegm in his mouth and chronic mouth issues began. Because of thiss, he had all but 6 of his teeth pulled. He is now in a foster home where he is thriving but requires a daily steroid to keep his mouth and gums from getting inflamed again that costs $28.50 per month. He is also on a special diet because of his limited ability to chew. Scamper has recently been diagnosed with an enlarged heart that requires frequent monitoring. Scamper is 8 years old.
Lulu Lulu is one of 14 cats we rescued in March 2015 from horribly filthy conditions, living in nasty chicken coops with barely enough room to turn around. All but 4 of these lovely cats have found forever homes. 3 of them are highly adoptable, but not Lulu. Lulu climbs up to the highest possible spot that she can get to every time her caretaker comes in to care for the cats that live with Lulu. A gray and white beauty only a little over a year old, we hope she will eventually decide that people are "ok" and maybe she will even learn to trust someone enough to let that person hold her and give her a forever home of her own.
Sweet Pea Sweet Pea is exactly that, a sweet gray tiger male who wants only to be sitting in a lap or on a shoulder. Born in October 2008, he has been hard to place because of chronic eye discharge caused by allergies. He was adopted twice, first by a young woman with 2 small children who gave him lots of attention, but one day the kids left the door open one too many times and Sweet Pea got outside. He was attacked by dogs under their deck. Sweet Pea spent a week in the vet clinic recovering from his wounds. He was later adopted again by an elderly person who adored him and he was able to spend all day in her lap, just what they both needed. But the day came when his person had to go to a nursing home and Sweet Pea was returned once again to his foster home. Because he is so needy of love and attention, and has so much love to give, Sweet Pea would be the perfect companion to an older person who would love and hold him a good part of the day.
Lila Lila is a white with calico markings across her backside, head and tail. Semi-feral, she was trapped by a neighbor with a half-dozen other cats on a farm in Catawba County where the elderly owner had to go into a nursing home. In her foster home since then, 2007, Lila acts like she wants attention by reaching out with her paw to be petted, but when you do pet her she will smack you, so watch out!! Just give her some space and feed her, and she'll be as happy as a cat can be. By the way, Lila's other cat friends, the ones who were trapped on the farm, all got adopted. Only Lila wants no human contact, except as is typical of so many feral and semi-feral cats, she wants all the comforts that humans can provide (like shelter and regular meals). Lila says "No petting please...just feed me and leave me alone!"
Clarice Clarice is a special needs cat because of chronic nasal discharge and because she is a touch-me-not. Trapped by a vacant house where a caretaker was feeding them, she and her cat friend needed medical attention so went into a foster home so they could receive the care and attention they needed. However, Clarice never tamed up, nor have antibiotics cleared up her nasal discharge, so she remains in foster care where she at least does not have to worry about being hungry and homeless or in danger from the traffic of the busy streets where she was captured.
Sparkle Sparkle is a lovely long-haired gray tiger female with white trim. She was apparently abandoned outside a vet clinic where she was trapped and then went into a foster home. Some unknown injury left her with a head-tilt, where she holds her head to the side, and though it looks funny to people observing her, it doesn't bother Sparkle. As beautiful as she is, she could be put up for adoption as a special needs cat but she is not friendly. Whatever happened to her during her period of abandonment caused her to never again trust the human race.
Hugh Hugh is a very feral cat. He is 8 years old but doesn't act like it (he is very active and
very handsome). We have worked with Hugh for a long time but he has not made any progress. It appears he will always remain feral.
Bazzie Bazzie is a semi-feral male cat estimated to be 2 or 3 years old. Bazzie, along with Brooke, were abandoned at an apartment complex in Morganton. Somehow they survived over a year at that complex. He may never trust people again because of his suffering. He and Brooke stayed together during their time of abandonment.
Brooke Brooke is a semi-feral female cat estimated to be 2 or 3 years old. She, along with Bazzie, somehow survived over a year after being abandoned at an apartment complex in Morganton.  She will likely never trust people because of their suffering.  Throughout their time of abandonment Brooke and Bazzie stayed together.
Gia Gia is a large calico who wants to live outdoors. Semi-feral but a big healthy cat, Gia is one of three cats who were trapped on a property as kittens in March 2011. They could not be returned because the property owners did not want them there. Gia remains a touch-me-not.


Once your sponsorship is processed you will be provided with bi-annual updates on your sponsored cat(s).

Be sure to write your Sponsor Cat(s) name in the additional comments box on the Paypal invoice or on your check so we can match up your donation with the correct cat.

Donations are 100% tax deductible and all donations go directly to the care of our rescues.

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